Additional Producers...

Warren Woodcraft (Guest - Call For price)

Warren is an engineer/producer based just outside London in rural Essex. Having engineered sessions at Abbey Road Studio One, and Pinewood Film Studios (Pheonix Sound), he now runs his own independant studio with a career long friend. Having no strict specialism, he enjoys the challenge that modern productions demand. Be it beautiful acoustic songcraft, retro-tinged Motown sound-alikes, or a pop wall of sound, he has the mic techniques, mix know-how, and inspirational touch to help you realise your recording the way you want to make it. With a diverse back catalogue in both mainstream and obscure genres, you can be guaranteed that you'll come away with a record that has it's own unique sonic character, and that people will want to listen to over and over again.

Craig Whitehead (freelance - £190 per day)

Craig whitehead graduated from Leeds College of music in 2003. He has produced a number of international releases across a wide range of genres from hip-hop with Danny Pig and No Change to jazz and blues with Samuel Thornton. He is also the singer songwriter/front man of Vinnie & the Stars and has self produced all of his own material gaining critical acclaim from G love & special sauce. He has engineered at a number of studios across the UK.

James O Connor (freelance - £190 per day)

James has a BA (Hons) in music production and has a fantastic level of experience within a variety of musical genres. His most recent productions include songs by The S.S.S.S.S, The X Ray Cat Trio, Ben Pike, Jordan Senior and Troy Faid. He has also collaborated with bands such as The Spirit of John, Mojo 57 and Motion Picture Association. Alongside his studio work he engineers the live radio podcast 'The Cannonball Hour' where he has worked with Belleville, Tree Creepers and Curtis Eller as well engineering a segment of ELFM's Musicathon. He has also been involved in film sound and has been the sound engineer on three successful independent films. He also boasts a great collection of microphones including vintage valve microphones.


LOOM Studio, Unit 12F, Carr Mill Business Centre, Birstall, WF17 9JX