Sound Amazing...

The recording studio is probably the most important part of any artists career. The studio is where music is created and your vision comes to life. LOOM is a music studio that works with you, day and night, to define your sound, and produce broadcast quality, world-class records.

  • Internationally recognised producers
  • Major label experience
  • A commitment to make your music sound amazing
  • Sessions Start from £175 per day

LOOM is centrally located in West Yorkshire and is a short drive from Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Halifax and Bradford.


RECENT CLIENTS - Jahmene Douglas (Sony records), The Dunwells (playing in traffic records), Skylarkin (Wichita Records), City of Lights, PartyClub, Happy Daggers, Vendettas, Rock Bottom Risers, Redstar, Seven Seals, Berlyn Trilogy, The Raged, Symphony of Sirens, Jade Helliwell, Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers, Backyards, Bearfoot Beware, Heartships, Operator 6, Killer Computers, Peculiar Blue, Other People's Lives, FORMES, Jacko Poli, Mik Artistik, In Echoes, Ti-Amo, Grant K Fennell, Silence Rises, The Yalla Yalla's, Juffage, Claudio Kron Do BRAZIL,............


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Contact us to discuss your project big or small, we'll be happy to outline how LOOM can deliver a first class result.